Study conducted by Schickler & WAN-IFRA shows how important AI is going to become for news publishers

Schickler conducted an international study together with WAN-IFRA to capture the current state of AI adoption among news publishers as well as to provide an outlook of their AI adoption plans for the upcoming years.

The current level of AI adoption amongst news publishers is still very low with 70% of surveyed publisher stating that they have not yet any fully implemented live AI usecases. However, for 77% of news publishers the successful adoption of AI usecases will be important or very important for their business success by 2024.

Furthermore, for the most popular AI usecases with conversion/churn prediction in the field of reader revenue and automatic content planning or automatic link placing in the field of editing up to 90% of publishers plan to have them implemented by 2024.

To achieve this, publishers plan to enlarge their data/AI teams from 2021-2024 by an average 50% and fund them with 4% of the total budget for the areas of editing, B2C marketing and user subscription management solely for the development of AI use cases.

In the study we illustrate these abstract numbers with 5 specific AI usecases from AI pioneers in the news media landscape.

  • Understanding reader revenue with AI models at Amedia (Norway)
  • Paywall automization at Globe & Mail (Canada)
  • Resurfacing archived content at Ouest-France (France)
  • Data-driven customer journey at Mediahuis (Belgium)
  • Robot Journalism for local soccer games at NDC (Netherlands)

If you are interested in more details or would like to access the full study please contact:

Dr. Ole Martin, E-Mail
Dr. Christoph Mayer, E-Mail