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Schickler is the leading consultancy for the media industry in Germany.

We develop strategies, organizations and technology for publishers. We operate the largest data intelligence network for newspapers in Europe. This gives us deepest insights in benchmarks and performance drivers for digital publishing.
Schickler has performed > 1.500 projects in media companies. And they have voted Schickler as the best consultants in the media sector for the last five years*.

*Source: Brand eins Consultant Ranking (independent research, all industries).

News from Schickler

  • Chart: How Media Time prevents Churn

Media Time – Principal KPI for newsrooms

The list of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for newsrooms is long: Conversions, reach, active users, clicks, etc. At the German Drive Initiative (> 20 regional news sites), we realized that Media Time fits best. [...]

Our Strengths


Media Industry

We have supported >80% of the news publishers in the German speaking countries.

Digital Publishing

We operate the biggest Data Intelligence Network of news publishers in Europe.

Data Science

Our own data science team provides customized AI solutions for publishers.

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