Digital Publishing Strategy

In recent years, publishers have tried a great number of approaches to drive the digital transformation forward. Some of them worked out, others not. With our expertise, we are able to tailor a digital publishing strategy for you which will save you months of trying.

  • Paid Content Strategy
  • Digital Advertising Strategy
  • Digital Portfolio Strategy
  • Technology Strategy for digital publishing
  • Transformation Strategy: From Print to Digital

Driving Digital Revenue

Schickler operates along with German Press Agency dpa the largest cooperation of digital publisher in Germany. We can refer to the largest database of KPIs and success factors in the publishing industry. This allows us to develop very detailed and customized action plans to drive digital revenues.

  • Identify strengths and opportunities for enhancing the growth of digital subscriptions
  • Develop programs to increase engagement, conversion and retention
  • Analyse the newsroom organization, the audience management and the IT infrastructure for digital readiness
  • Coach the management in implementing the programs and reaching the goals


Individualising contents, prices and customer journeys is the next big thing in digital publishing. Our data scientists are developing content topic models and algorithms to analyse and predict user behaviours which are the basis for personalisation.

  • Content topic models on subjects, emotional drivers, regionality, etc.
  • Algorithms to predict user behaviour
  • Personalisation of content and offers to drive engagement
  • Individualisation of prices and customer interaction
  • Making the paywall really intelligent 

Benchmarking and KPI

We have developed a KPI structure for digital publishers and the technology to supervise and benchmark these KPIs on a daily basis.

  • Consistent KPI structure based on Reader Value
  • Affordable plug-in technology to supervise the KPIs
  • Benchmark your KPIs in Europe’s biggest network of newspublishers
  • Large set of experiences to enhance the KPIs

Digital Pricing

Intelligent pricing is the best way to increase the Reader Value. It should be based on the individual user engagement to prevent churn and secure long-lasting and profitable relationships.

  • Develop and test modern price strategies
  • Analyse user segments for individual pricing
  • Provide data to paywall solutions for price diversification 

Newsroom Organisation

Modern newsrooms create content for different products and services which range from the traditional newspaper to individualized content feeds. The newsroom organisation should cover all the needs and be directed by the principal northstars and KPI.

  • Strategic alignment of the newsroom
  • Optimising workflows and responsibilities
  • Coaching the editorial staff on their way to digital publishers
  • Introducing consistent KPIs to control the daily work