Successful implementation of Operational Excellence

Create more efficiency and quality through lean structures, networking and agility in all areas of your company.
“Nothing is as constant as change” – this wisdom of Heraclitus of Ephesus, who lived around the year 500 B.C., is valid today more than ever. Our world is shaped by digital developments that throw old logics overboard, are innovative, complex and above all hardly calculable. Up to now, companies have been able to identify impending changes with the help of sophisticated planning and control systems and, ideally, adapt to them in good time. Today, however, the environment is changing so rapidly that trends have to be recognized much more quickly and integrated into the logic of business processes.

Operational Excellence ensures sustainability

The anchoring of Operational Excellence in the company ensures the agility of the respective organization in the long term, increases efficiency at the same time and also leads to the innovation capability that is absolutely necessary today. Only companies that have their own value creation under control can react flexibly to changes from this basis. The path to this goal leads through a cultural change: processes must be streamlined and stabilized (keyword: lean culture) in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, process-oriented thinking in all areas of the company helps to ensure that changes can be implemented promptly and comprehensively through networking.
We support companies in reducing complexity and ensure that structures in information and work processes are optimized. In addition, we advise on the ideal depth of value creation and, together with our customers, achieve an increase in quality and efficiency that ensures the future viability of the organisation.

Examples of Operational Excellence projects

  • Use of our unique benchmarking database for media processes
  • Definition of KPIs / Best Practice Solutions
  • Optimization of processes and introduction of process management
  • Strategic development of organizations
  • Cost-cutting programmes
  • Outsourcing programs
  • Business Transformation and Change Management