Advertising market analysis

We will show you where you can make more sales. The advertising market is intransparent and dynamic – online as well as in print. Only a few publishers are aware of their market potential and know whether they are (approximately) exploiting it. Do you also have a certain amount of uncertainty regarding the exploitation of your advertising market potential? Then our advertising market analyses can provide clarity.

We offer you a detailed and regional analysis of your print and online advertising market: bottom-up, top-down and taking into account the relevant regional factors. The analysis includes the location of your company as well as purchasing power (up to district level) or online affinity in your region. We will show you, sector-specifically, which companies advertise how and where it is worthwhile to approach them. In this way, your sales department can submit individual offers to suitable advertising partners and increase the probability of a booking.

Our analyses are based on thousands of data sets, which we link together individually tailored to your needs. This provides you with reliable information on the basis of which you can optimize your sales activities – so that you can fully exploit their potential in the future.

Online market models

You want to grow online? We develop online market models and support you all the way through to practical implementation.

Many media companies are looking for expansion opportunities in the online sector. With our analyses and online market models you can identify and evaluate suitable options. Our analysts have access to countless market data and evaluations on more than 30 segments at home and abroad. We show you organic and inorganic growth opportunities in the online sector and assist you in choosing the right approach. Hard facts as well as the question whether a target fits to your corporate culture and brand world are included in the evaluation.

From theory to practice: with our support you can establish new business areas in the online sector.

Our consultants have a lot of experience in creating business cases and are happy to assist you in developing your new online business. We accompany you from target screening to the M&A process including due diligence. Whether organic or inorganic growth: we develop an online market model that suits you. And we support you in putting your plans into practice.