Successful growth: We develop growth strategies and accompany you through their implementation.

Do you want your business to grow and need help analyzing your options, choosing the right growth strategy, and implementing it?

We are specialists in developing effective and sustainable growth strategies. We know from several hundred projects on the topic of growth strategies in the media environment, with e-business companies and with professional services providers: There are many limits to growth. Many are in the market, others in financing. This is why we identify serious growth hurdles, carefully analyse the framework conditions and finally develop a suitable and promising growth strategy in close cooperation with our clients. In doing so, we rely on an aligning process in which we align the entire company with the growth strategy.

Sustainable growth strategies include organizational development

Many companies make the mistake that they view the strategy process and organizational development separately or that organizational development is given secondary importance. Combining both can have an effect that can be compared to a greenhouse.

The classic results of our consulting projects include the expansion of the management team and the increase of capacities in product management, development and sales functions. If the growth strategy is based on portfolio expansion, almost always organizational prerequisites have to be created. This often concerns the interface between product management and development. In addition, complexity often increases, which places new demands on transparency and control systems. A multitude of factors influence growth – we show you what relevance they have and what you need to pay attention to when implementing your growth strategy.

So the bottom line is clear: If you want to grow like a greenhouse, you also have to build a greenhouse. And we support you in this.