Benchmarking of media companies: We have the experience

Benchmarking: Compare your company with the best in the media industry and increase your efficiency and success. In times of a constantly worsening circulation situation and declining advertising revenues in the print sector, many decision-makers from the publishing world are looking for solutions to make your company fit for the future. Benchmarking is a simple and at the same time extremely effective approach: Compare one or more parts of your value chain with the best media companies worldwide and identify concrete starting points for increasing efficiency and quality.

Benefit from our expertise

SCHICKLER has been carrying out benchmarking projects in the media sector for more than ten years. Our benchmarking database contains more than 50,000 key figures on media companies all over the world. It is continuously updated and expanded to include relevant new key figures. In our benchmarking projects, we compare our clients’ companies with the best in their industry and thus identify realistic cost and quality potentials.

Each of our benchmarking projects answers three questions

  1. Where can you improve processes in your organization?
  2. How big are the cost and quality potentials?
  3. How can you realize these potentials?

For this purpose, we compare your data with the information in our database and supplement the result with current economic data and other general conditions. At the end of our analysis we show you concrete starting points for organisational improvements.