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12 April 2016

How to grow is a permanent question among publishers. Our new article shares five fundamental growth strategy patterns.

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01 March 2016

The lastest SCHICKLER-Mailing "Growth for Publishers" identifies strategic models for publishers.

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03 February 2016

New SCHICKLER-Mailing: Boosting Efficiency - New Approaches for Media Publishers

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12 January 2016

About the trend to outsource some departments - even to foreign countries - writes our media-expert Christian Michna.

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7 January 2016

Three growth fields where alpha apps change the market and set trends.

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5 January 2016

New SCHICKLER-Blogpost: How publishers can cope with the requirements of programmatic advertising.

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30 November 2015

Our Digital Excellence Program shows how publishers can increase digital revenues.

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The Partners of SCHICKLER Management Consultants

All our team members have two things in common: They are experienced and they work with passion

Main expertise

Development and implementation of strategy processes
Development and implementation of organizational projects
Assistance with cooperations and mergers

Main expertise

Main expertise

Projects for the media and online branches
Assistance with cooperations and mergers
Process benchmarking
Development and implementation of digital strategies


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